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Kissflow Events Kissflow Discovery Hour

Experience the power of Kissflow firsthand

Take aways by spending 60 mins
  • Innovate and build low-code apps at lightning speed
  • Automate and optimize processes with an intuitive interface
  • Get a clear view of all projects with real-time dashboards
  • Govern apps and users with end-to-end control and security

Kissflow eventsMay 29, 2024

Kissflow events11 AM EST & 4 PM GMT | 10:30 AM GST & 2:30 PM SGT

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Kissflow Speaker


Product Marketing Manager


Sooryakanth is a Product Marketing Manager at Kissflow, focusing on outbound product management and product positioning. He believes in the power of low-code to enable anyone to solve business-critical problems. He loves building apps and leveraging new tech for innovative business solutions.

Who can attend Kissflow Discovery Hour?

Wondering if Kissflow Discovery Hour is the right fit for you? This event is open to:

  • Anyone interested in Kissflow and wants to learn about its capabilities.
  • Those eager to dive into the practical aspects of Kissflow and see how it can transform your processes
  • Business users and IT developers who want to discover how the platform empowers your teams
  • Decision-makers responsible for driving an organisation's digital transformation
  • Curious minds who simply want to know the latest in low-code application development

Orchestrate your digital efforts from start to end with Kissflow