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Do you have a messy middle problem?


What is the messy middle?

The digital ecosystem of every organization can be divided into


The backend

The proprietary tools of your organization. Well-structured and precise, they ensure the smooth running of your enterprise.


The messy middle

The internal operations of every business. These processes are managed manually with email, spreadsheets, and endless paper trails.


The frontend

The applications that connect you and your customers. These processes are extremely sophisticated and streamlined.

How you landed in this mess

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    IT can’t do it all

    The backlog continuously grows since IT must focus on frontend and backend systems

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    The spreadsheet life

    Business leaders want to leverage the power of technology but they don’t have the right tools

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    Lack of a plan

    IT leaders don’t have a clear strategy or the bandwidth to build every app from scratch


Why you need to sort it out now

The processes in the middle have spiraled into chaos and are standing in the way of end-to-end transformation

750 million cloud-native apps need to be built globally by 2025.

Source: IDC

79% of IT leaders say digital transformation efforts have stagnated because of outdated processes.

Source: Capterra

82% of organizations believe that companies must invest in digital transformation or be left behind.

Source: IDC

Clean up your messy middle with Kissflow

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With such an agile platform, you get to deploy apps in weeks, not months

Clear out the mess with Kissflow