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The fastest way to customize your SAP ERP

Automate routine SAP operations like data entry and
approvals with a modern low-code platform

Break free from the rigidity of the
SAP ecosystem with Kissflow

  • Features
    • Speed of Development
    • Cost-Efficiency
    • Bridging IT Skills Gap
    • Integration Capabilities
    • Faster Time-to-Market
    • User Experience
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      Speed of Development

      Time-consuming development with extensive coding efforts

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      Customization may require more resources and higher costs

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      Bridging IT Skills Gap

      Dependence on specialized IT skills

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      Integration Capabilities

      Integration may require additional customization efforts

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      Faster Time-to-Market

      Deployment may take longer, impacting time-to-market for new solutions

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      User Experience

      User experience varies and is difficult to improve

Stop grappling. Start bridging the gaps
in SAP with Kissflow.

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Workflow automation

Automate workflows that trigger data synchronization between SAP modules for consistently updated data

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Automated data validation

Reduce the risk of incorrect data being entered into SAP with customized, rule-based validation checks

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Unified data entry

Develop user-friendly data entry interfaces that provide standardized forms and entry points

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Orchestrate integrations between SAP and external systems to keep all tools updated with the same data

Stop shelling out on SAP consultants
and administrators

Make Kissflow your strategic choice to reduce your ERP customization costs

With Kissflow’s no-code tools, business leaders can:

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    Create custom workflows to streamling processes

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    Develop user-friendly forms for data entry

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    Integrate SAP with other applications and services

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    Build interactive dashboards and reports


Save time and money on ERP customization

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Teams like yours are using Kissflow to extend the functionality of SAP

Create independent applications that seamlessly integrate with SAP

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Document management

Manage, organize, and retrieve documents associated with SAP processes

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Customer portal

Provide customers with self-service portals to access relevant information

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HR management

Enhance HR processes and employee management within SAP

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Quality control

Implement quality control processes and capture inspection data

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Expense management

Streamline and automate the expense reporting and reimbursement process

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Vendor management

Track and manage interactions with suppliers and vendors

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Asset management

Monitor and manage organizational assets efficiently

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Compliance tracking

Ensure adherence to regulatory compliance and track compliance activities

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Training and certification

Manage employee training programs and certifications

Customize your ERP with the fastest time-to-value

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