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Transform how you build custom apps in weeks, not months

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Roll out fully functional apps at an
unprecedented pace

Create complete applications that contain pages, automation, boards,
workflows, integrations, reports, and roles in the same layout.

Make app creation accessible and simple to everyone

  • Bring ideas to life with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder
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    Ensure quick deployments with pre-built components
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    Modify apps to your specifications with custom components
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    Use theme builder to maintain a cohesive brand identity
No-Code UI

Manage data with highly flexible tables, forms, and fields

  • Capture and store any kind of data in the preferred format
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    Streamline processes to connect structured workflows
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    Control unpredictable workflows with centralized boards
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    Connect apps with external databases for extended capability
Data Management

Take control of how your apps behave, respond, and interact

  • Customize app logic with JavaScript events and actions
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    Use global and local variables to manage app data
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    Automate processes from start to end with clicks, not codes
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    Integrate with third-party services with extensive custom connectors
Logic and Automation

Strengthen your app landscape with secure access permissions

  • Customize role-based access to protect sensitive data
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    Calibrate access permissions with multi-level controls
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    Gain insights into user activities with detailed audit logs
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    Govern applications with a panoramic view of analytics
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Unlock the full potential of your data at every stage

  • Gain a holistic view of key metrics with pre-built reports
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    Tailor the report aesthetics with customizable themes
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    Extract specific data points by running custom SQL queries
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    Connect data to popular BI tools for strategic decision-making

Build your own app in 3 easy steps

Start building your dream app today with an enterprise-grade app builder

Step 1:

Build. Test. Deploy.

Enjoy enterprise-level features to build custom apps on a unified console without any coding


Step 2:

Lightning changes

Quickly incorporate feedback, make bug fixes, and refine your app’s design in a few clicks


Step 3:

Build collaboratively

Bring process experts, analysts, and programmers together on a safe and secure platform

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Elevate your industry with
custom apps by Kissflow

See how Kissflow helps build tailored
apps to meet the unique needs of diverse industries

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Build custom banking apps that traverse beyond traditional boundaries

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Craft precision-engineered apps to streamline policy management

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Launch apps that optimize the entire supply chain operations with finesse

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Create patient-focused apps that deliver high-quality care and services

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Deploy custom retail apps that build better customer relationships

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Oil and Gas

Enhance collaboration between on-site and off-site with suitable apps

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Digitize your operations with
Kissflow’s pre-built apps

Download fully functional low-code apps to streamline your internal operations
without building from scratch
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Employee management

Streamline and automate HR processes from onboarding to offboarding

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Leave management

Apply and track leave requests based on your company’s leave policy

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Performance management

Measure and track employee performance

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Hear what our customers have to say

Discover real-world success stories that showcase how Kissflow
drives results and empowers businesses to thrive

"This is so easy, even my mom could do this. It was extremely intuitive and straightforward. The watermark was, 'I don't need to call IT to do this. I can do it myself.' "

Renee Villarreal

Renee Villarreal


"We were able to completely customize and change forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming."

Yvonne Herman

Yvonne Herman

Wayne Metro

"With Kissflow, I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful."

Griselda Juve


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Kissflow's app builder empowers users to create fully custom apps tailored to their unique business needs. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can design and configure your app's workflow, data structures, and user interfaces without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
Unlike competitors, Kissflow can handle many app use cases like workflows, forms, databases, integrations, project boards, page building, and reports without coding. Users with varying technical backgrounds can create sophisticated applications using low-code JavaScript elements. The platform offers diverse pre-built components, integrations, and templates, ensuring rapid development without compromising functionality.
The time required to build an app using Kissflow depends on the application's complexity and the user's familiarity with the platform. One of the key advantages of Kissflow is its rapid development capabilities, allowing users to design and deploy functional apps in a matter of days or weeks rather than months. Additionally, the collaborative nature of Kissflow promotes efficient communication among team members, further expediting the overall app-building timeline.
Kissflow is designed to enable users to create low-code apps without the need for extensive coding skills. The platform follows a no-code approach, meaning you can build sophisticated applications through a visual interface, eliminating the need for manual coding. With Kissflow's app creator, you can leverage pre-built components, forms, and workflows and simply drag-and-drop them onto the canvas. This approach democratizes app development, allowing individuals across various departments to actively contribute to and participate in creating powerful business applications.
The platform provides a centralized hub for creating, deploying, and managing custom applications and ensures seamless scalability to accommodate the growing needs of enterprises. The platform also offers robust security features, compliance standards, and integrations with popular enterprise tools. It is a reliable solution for businesses looking to streamline their processes and drive digital transformation initiatives.

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