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Modernize Legacy Systems With Kissflow
Low-Code Platform

Outdated systems often hamper your productivity. Future-proof your tech stack now.

What is Legacy Modernization?

Legacy modernization is the process of rebuilding or replacing old and obsolete technologies
with modern and scalable ones in your ecosystem.

Why Kissflow low-code is the right choice

Kissflow Low-Code bridges the gap between legacy and modernization by allowing you to build your own digital culture at your own pace.


Upgrade your tech stack with Kissflow low-code

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Simple Infrastructure

Build your apps and deploy on cloud, so you don’t have to look out for dedicated experts to maintain an obsolete technology in the future.

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Customizable UI

Simplify the overall effort to recreate your UI using visual modelling techniques. Allow developers to build more new apps by leveraging custom components applicable to your app.

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Repurposable templates

Turn business logic into consumable APIs and reuse them whenever you need them. Create responsive front ends by leveraging existing templates.

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Improved Security

Kissflow Low-Code provides enterprise-grade security with multi-factor authentication, SSO, and AD to enable secure login sessions.

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Integrated Systems

Improve existing business logic with the help of custom and complex integrations. Let your new logic coexist with old ones. Build off your existing systems in a controlled manner.

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Faster Deployment

Bundle up your application code together with the necessary library files required to build, test, and deploy applications on a single console.

Kickstart your legacy modernization journey with Kissflow