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Kissflow for Healthcare

Overcome staffing shortages by automating and streamlining manual processes with a simple low-code platform
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Trying to Solve Any of These Challenges?

Data storage and retrieval
Collaboration across departments
Staffing shortages
Data capture from the lab
Resource allocation and optimization
Medical inventory management

From Pen and Paper to Custom
Healthcare Apps

Patient Registration

Collect and record a patient's personal and medical information when they first visit.

Patient History Management

Gather, organize, and maintain a patient's medical history.

Patient Appointments

Schedule appointments and track patient visits in advance.

Patient Mobile Portal

Allow patients to access and manage healthcare needs from their mobile devices.

Appointment Booking

Schedule and manage outpatient appointments.

Patient History Management

Capture and share patient history with doctors.

Prescription and Follow-Ups

Manage prescriptions and schedule follow-ups.

Billing and Insurance Interfaces

Facilitate and expedite billing and insurance.

Doctor Referral and Case History

Share doctor referrals and case history with concerned specialists.

Medication Management

Track medication and dosage throughout the course of treatment.

Billing and Insurance Interfaces

Facilitate and expedite billing and insurance processes without delays.

Discharge Management

Simplify the discharge process to get quick approvals from all stakeholders.

Doctor Onboarding

Manage doctor interviews, referrals, reference checks, organization reporting, compensation, and benefits.

Shift and Time Management

Allocate and manage shifts of doctors.

Leave Management

Manage and approve leave requests.

Collaboration for Second Opinions

Share patient records with medical specialists for second opinions.

AI-based Predictions

Leverage AI algorithms to analyze data and generate predictions on medical conditions.

Nurse and Staff Scheduling

Allocate and manage nurses and staff efficiently.

On-duty Doctor Scheduling

Allocate schedules for on-duty doctors.


Manage admin, transport, and all other resources.

Re-ordering of Supplies

Re-order supplies to help maintain inventory.

Safety Stock and Re-ordering

Ensure safety stock is available in the inventory.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all medicines in the inventory and shelf.

Vendor Integration

Manage vendors with vendor integrations.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Enable patients to upload and retrieve diagnostic reports, prescriptions, and more.

Scheduling of Appointments

Allow patients to book and manage appointments for lab and diagnostic tests.

Patient History Integration

Help patients integrate prior medical history with current records.

Maintenance Request Process

Manage and address maintenance issues or repair needs in the facilities and equipment.

Periodic Maintenance Process

Schedule routine maintenance checks for equipment and facilities.

Activity-based Maintenance

Regularly monitor and inspect equipment and systems to detect any potential issues or faults.

Maintenance History and FAQ

Manage the history and FAQs for all the maintenance activities completed during a time period.

Employee Onboarding

Facilitate smooth onboarding and offboarding for employees.

Contract Workforce Timesheet

Track, approve, and manage contract workforce timesheets.

Contract Workforce Attendance

Track the attendance of the contract workforce.

Leave Approval

Approve, track, and manage leave requests.

Modernize and Digitize Operations End-to-End

automate healthcare processes
Orchestrate data management
trigger specific actions in healthcare industry
Build comprehensive dashboards for healthcare
Eliminate chaos

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