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All the news from GATE in one place

In this archive you will find all the stories that have been issued by GATE partners across Europe over the life of the project. If you have information you would like to add to the archive, please contact your regional GATE co-ordinator.

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GATE Final Summary Report Published

The GATE project came to a successful conclussion on 31st December 2007. A final summary report has been published and includes articles from each of the partner regions. Click on the link below for English and Welsh PDF versions. If you would like a higher resolution Welsh / English bi-lingual printed version, please send an email with your name and address to and I will be pleased to post one to you free of charge.

Date added: 2008-02-08
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Timber for Tomorrows Europe - GATE Closing Conference - full report

The GATE Closing Conference - Timber for Tomorrows Europe, was held on the 3rd and 4th October 2007 in Cardiff, Wales and consisted of a site visit day and a one day conference. Click on the link below for a full report including photographs, downloadable presentations, transcript of the Minister's speech and links to websites of the places visited.

Date added: 2007-11-13
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Slovenian Public Opinion Survey

Research carried out by GATE partners at Ljubljana University into the current public perception of wooden buildings in Slovenia. Details are in Slovenian but results and summary are in English.

Date added: 2007-11-05
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Wales Handover Workshop - full report

The full report of the Wales Handover Workshop including photographs, presentations, all the workshop outputs and other topics raised between the workshops is now available to view using the following link:

Date added: 2007-11-05
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Slovenia Student Photo Competition

Winners announced. Click below for further details.

Date added: 2007-08-01
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Estonia Conference: Timber - a New Policy for Europe

Full report and photos from the conference and the field visits

Date added: 2007-07-31
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Student Design Competition - Wales winner announced

The winner of the Student Design Competition in Wales has been announced. Arwel Owen, a CAD Technician from Machynlleth, Powys, Wales put forward an excellent design for a proposed holiday chalet development. It's a predominantly timber frame design, incorporating sustainability through the use of renewable sourced timber from locally managed forests. Click below to see more details, plans and 3D views.

Date added: 2007-05-08
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Students competition in Thuringia finished

The national project part found with the jury-meeting on 8.11.2006 at the FH Erfurt (University of Applied Sciences) and with the appreciation of the winners on 15.11.2006 in the context of the annual convention of the IFF Weimar its formal conclusion. Now we have 3 winners and 3 students achieved recognitions. (see also Case study 5).

Date added: 2007-03-20
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Extension of the Thuringian travel exhibtition

At the end of 2006 we could extend our travel exhibition. Now we can show modern timber constructions on 11 big posters. The next and last poster will show the results of the students design competition. (Pictures will follow.

Date added: 2007-03-20

Fire Safety of Wooden Structures. Seminar Presentations

Date added: 2007-02-06
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The Best Wooden Building in Estonia 2006

Date added: 2007-02-05
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Workshop for students

Estonian Forest Industries Association, Estonian Academy of Arts and GATE Estonian Partner Tartu Science Park Foundation organized this workshop for students who study architecture.

Date added: 2006-10-23
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Slovenia Conference: Building a New Europe - with Timber

Full report and photographs of the Conference and field visits plus Conference presentations for viewing and download

Date added: 2006-10-10
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Focus Group Meetings

A series of small gatherings of GATE partners and stakeholders to look at the content and organisation of the Inter-Regional seminars.
Click below to see reports and photographs from meetings in Poland, Estonia, Slovenia and Germany.

Date added: 2006-08-04
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Poland Conference: Time for Timber in Europe

The second GATE inter-regional seminar held in Gdansk, Poland on 24 and 25 May 2006
Click below for full story and photographs

Date added: 2006-08-03
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European Timber Days in Rudolstadt

European days of timber in Rudolstadt
21. - 22 September 2005

Click below to see a full report and photos

Date added: 2006-05-12
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Architectural competition in Estonia : The best wooden building 2005

Date added: 2006-03-15
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New Project Manager for GATE

With effect from 3rd January 2006, Mike Over has taken over from Anne Roberts as the GATE Project Manager. Anne is currently on a years maternity leave following the birth of her baby girl, Hazel Katrina.
Mike can be contacted at
Tel: (+44) (0)8456 040845

Date added: 2006-01-06

Enhanced web site launched

The enhanced version of the GATE website was launched to on 26th August 2005. This now gives the GATE project partners the ability to easily manage the content of the website by adding and editing their own information. For the interested public there is a library of images, reports and case studies of relevant building projects. Project partners also have access to a private area of the site, including chat and discussion forums.

The website is constantly growing with new material being added every week. Help make this website practical and useful to you by suggesting extra links or information we can add.

Date added: 2005-08-27

International launch for new timber project

Wales leads the way - five nation challenge to make timber pay across Europe

Wales is leading a five nation challenge to put timber at the top of the tree as a major player in the modern building and construction industry.

A new three-year European funded project, GATE - gaining added value for timber in europe - has put changing the perception of timber as a building material at the top of its agenda after its international launch on 21 April at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

"We have to prove to the construction industry and policy makers across Europe that timber is a modern building material that can cut construction times and increase design flexibility," said GATE programme manager Anne Roberts.

"It can also provide major energy conservation and sustainability benefits, and is a cost-effective alternative to other building methods," she said.

The two-day GATE conference took in visits to see how timber is already being used in construction throughout Wales in exciting new ways with delegates from the four other partner regions - Thuringia in Germany; Pomerania in Poland; Slovenia and Estonia - touring award-winning buildings in the Swansea area.

"Our objective is to change perceptions, we want timber to be top of the list when architects, designers and planners think about how they are going to construct their next buildings," said Anne." And by working together across the five partner regions, sharing our knowledge, information, new ideas and technical expertise we believe that in three years time we shall have done just that," she added.

Date added: 2005-08-16

Fear of fire - timber buildings are just as safe as bricks and blocks

Fears over fire are one of the main misconceptions that make planners and architects keep to traditional building techniques rather than switching to time-saving timber construction.

That's one of the findings from a new Forestry Commission Wales led five-nation project which aims to make timber a major player in the modern building and construction industry.

Now the new three-year European funded project, GATE - gaining added value for timber in europe - is holding a special conference in Tallinn, Estonia to highlight the safety record of the world's oldest building material.

Date added: 2005-08-16
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Successful opening conference in Aberystwyth

The opening conference of the GATE project was held in Aberystwyth on 20-21 April 2005. Over 60 delegates attended from the various partner organisations, plus many guests. A great time was had by all.

Date added: 2005-04-21
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