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CEI-Bois - Roadmap 2010 - the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries -
further the interests of the European wood sector and to this end, it aims to influence EU policy-making.

Estonian Forest Industries Association -
connects companies and organizations engaged in acquisition of forests, chemical and mechanical processing of wood as well as marketing.

Environment for Europeans -
EU Forestry Strategy - Bringing forests out of the shade

Federation of the Carpenter and Timber Construction Trade for Central Germany -

Traeinformation - Danish Timber Information -

Puuinfo (EE) -

Wood Focus Finland -

CNDB (FR) - National Committee for the Development of Wood

German Timber Promotion Fund (DE) -
Shaping the Future in Wood

Centrum Hout (NL) - Timber Information Centre -

Trefokus (NO) -

European Wood Initiative -
aims to promote the use of wood, especially in construction,

Opportunities for Generations - Youth-related projects in the forest based industries -
aim is to inform young people and teachers alike of the possibilities these forest-based industry sectors have to offer - funding programme.

European Committee for Standardization -
developing European Standards used in building and civil engineering

COST Action E30 -
aims to gain a better understanding of the problems and possible solutions to forest-based entrepreneurship in small-scale forestry, wood processing and non-wood forest products and services aiming at improved employment and income in rural areas.

Gminie Kaliska, Poland

A company from Slovenia with a 50 year tradition in planning and constructing pre-fabricated timber houses.

Gate partner sites | sites in Wales | other UK sites | sites outside Europe