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Technical Library

This area of the library contains specific technical reports, mostly taken from presentations given by GATE partners, stakeholders and external experts during inter-regional and regional based GATE conferences and seminars. If the report you are looking for is not here, please try the General library or the Case Studies section if it is a specific case study.

If you have ideas for other reports or information we should include here, please contact your regional coordinator or fill in the suggestions form. Suggestions form

The following reports are available:

Presentations & papers from 1st GATE conference in Aberystwyth, Wales, April 2005

Introduction to GATE powerpoint - Anne Roberts
PowerPoint presentation describing the GATE project, who's involved, how will it work, and how is it funded. Along with the over all aims of the project.

Constructing Excellence Wales & GATE powerpoint - Don Snow
PowerPoint presentation on rethinking construction - looking at sustainable construction, taking in to account the tendering process, selection process, and contracts based on target and whole life cost.

WAG policies & timber powerpoint - Ian Layzell
PowerPoint on Welsh Assembly Government construction policies including facts and figures on private and public spending on housing.

Background paper on Wales policies - Ian Layzell
Welsh Assembly Government sustainably development and construction procurement policy.

BRE & innovative uses of timber in construction -Vahik Enjily Note - Big file (16349KB), takes time to download
Presentation / introduction to Building Research Establishment (BRE), followed by how, where & when timber can be used in construction. E.g. timber-framed buildings from around the world and other uses of timber.

Perception Study
Perception of wood-based industries amongst the public in the member states in the European Union.

Full conference report
Breakdown of the conference, field trips including pictures and workshop summary.

Presentations from the Fire Safety seminar in Estonia, September 2005

Fire safe timber buildings - Nordic design guidelines. Birgit Östman - SP Trätek / Wood Technology Stockholm
Presentation on building timber-framed multi-story buildings within fire safety, new model for load bearing capacity at fire.

European reaction to fire classification of wood products. Birgit Östman - SP Trätek / Wood Technology Stockholm

Test standards for Reaction to fire. Birgit Östman - SP Trätek / Wood Technology Stockholm

Fire Safety Engineering New possibilities for wood products. Esko Mikkola - VTT Building and Transport
Fire safety in buildings, how to apply the regulations, case study and background information.

Construction Products Directive, CPD Overview. Esko Mikkola - VTT Building and Transport
Purpose, structure, essential requirements, Eurocodes and guidance papers.

Guidance and experience on building fire safety with wood - Austrian contribution. Hon.-Prof. Dr.techn. Hans Hartl

Risk assessment for the estimation of the disaster "fire" for (historical) timber constructions. Hon.-Prof. Dr.techn. Hans Hartl

Regulatory guidance for timber buildings in the UK and results from full-scale tests. Julie Bregulla - BRE

Fire Safety in buildings: Fire resistance testing. Test standards and route to compliance. Julie Bregulla - BRE

Timber in Construction. Fire Safety developments in France. Patrick Racher - Dhionis Dhima

Swiss fire regulations according to VKF. Possibilities of timber constructions. Reinhard Wiederkehr

Presentations from the Economic seminar in Poland, May 2006

Barriers to the enhanced use of wood in construction - Dr Vahik Enjily
Executive Summary, conclusions, recommendations and Action Plan.

Medium-rise timber frame construction in UK - Dr Vahik Enjily
This paper introduces the Timber Frame 2000 (TF2000) project.

The way to own a residential building, a consumer's attitude - Ulf-Dieter Pitzing

Presentations from the Technical seminar in Slovenia, September 2006

Timber as a fully integrated part of building design - Ulf-Dieter Pitzing - Thuringia

Engineered wood - Joze Resnik - Slovenia
Presentation on engineered wood, Laminated veneered lumber, Parallel strand lumber.

Local timber for local construction - Derek Jones - Wales
Presentation on the challenges for Welsh timber with regards to supply, quality and climate change.

Affordable housing - Jakub Siewko - Pomorskie
Presentation looking at the Polish wood industry, woodland coverage, supply, types of woods available, and construction techniques.

Timber bridges - Alar Just - Estonia
Presentation looking at the advantages of building timber bridges, the different types, and construction.

CE marking in 5 points - workshop presentation - Wolfgang Horn - Thuringia
Construction production directive,

CE marking in 5 points - workshop outputs

Durability, construction v treatment - workshop presentation - Miha Humar - Slovenia
Presentation looking at timber durability, wood types in Europe and treatment of timber.

Durability, construction v treatment - workshop outputs
Workshop outputs on timber durability.

Smaller timber homes - workshop presentation - Mart Riistop - Estonia
Presentation on building systems in case of wood/timber including balloon frame, platform frame, post & beam construction, prefab houses, open panel method and closed panel method.

Smaller timber homes - workshop outputs
Outputs from workshop discussing the benefits of building smaller timber properties.

Large section v small section timber - workshop presentation - Steve Coombs - Wales
Presentation by Steve Coombs - Welsh School of Architecture

large section v small section timber - workshop outputs

Presentations from the Policy seminar in Estonia, June 2007

Introduction and progress of GATE - Mike Over - Wales
Presentation on GATE project aims events and activities so far.

Setting up of wood clusters in Thuringia - Jerg Hilt - Thuringia
Presentation on what is a cluster, and how it relates to forestry, identify clusters and cluster policy.

European Union Building regulations and how they are applied in Slovenia - Milan Sernek - Slovenia
National Building Regulations - differences between Construction production directive and other directives. Construction products - structural elements, kits and whole buildings.

Changes in Policy from the builder's perspective - Professor Michael Benfield - Wales
Presentation on Welsh policy with regards to construction looking at policies now and future requirements for the industry.

Workshop 1 outputs - incentives from the bottom up

Workshop 2 outputs - who is best placed to deliver incentives

Slovenian Public Opinion Survey

Public opinion survey on the current perception of wooden buildings in Slovenia

Presentations from the GATE Handover Workshop in Wales, September 2007

Introduction and Agenda for the Day - Mike Over - Wales

Welcome and Overview of the Wales Forest Business Partnership - Professor Michael Benfield

Wood Knowledge Wales - Nick Tune - BRE
Opportunities for Welsh timber, e.g. Ty Unnos.

GATE - Project Description and Summary of Achievements - Mike Over - Forestry Commission Wales

Presentations from the GATE Closing Conference in Cardiff, Wales, October 2007

Introduction and Overview of the GATE project - Mike Over - Wales

Perception - Key Lessons Learned - Frank Hohle - Thuringia, Germany

Trend-setting Ways of Sustainable Wood Mobilisation - Ms Jacqueline Huster - Thuringia, Germany

Economic - Barriers to Wood in Housing and Wooden Houses for a Mass Customer - Jackub Siewko - Pomorskie, Poland

Technical - Key Lessons Learned - Milan Sernek - Slovenia and Influence of GATE on Timber Construction - Manja Kuzman - Slovenia

Policy - Key Lessons Learned in City Planning and Achitectural Policy - Mart Riistop - Estonia

The Exit Strategy for GATE - Mike Over - Wales

GATE Key Lessons Learned - Co-operation and Exchange - Paul Finch - Wales

Other reports

Bridging the Gap - Welsh timber resources in the construction industry

Indurite process for adding density to timber

Building with Wood Conference
This is a link to the Wood Fairs South West website where you will find a report and presentations from the conference held in September 2007

BRE Report: Barriers to the Enhanced Use of Wood

Innovative and Sustainable Use of forest resources
Vision 2030 - A technology Platform Initiative by the European Forest-based Sector.

The Truth about the Forest-Based Sector
Brochure discussing wood as a renewable resource, sustainability, European forests.

Timber Cladding in Scotland
This is a link to a report on the Scottish Executive website.

Wood dust research in Thuringia
Summary of results of research into the use of wood dust carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute in Thuringia.

Forest Research papers on improving timber quality

An Indication of the Likely Volume Gains from Improved Sitka Spruce Planting Stock

Stem Straightness in Welsh Sitka Spruce

Advances in Biotechnology - Powerful Tools for Tree Breeding and Genetic Conservation

For further information about improving timber quality and the work of the Improving Conifer Timber Quality Steering Group use this link: