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Focus Group Meetings

GATE has held five Focus Group meetings, click on the links below to view reports and photographs from each of these meetings:

The purpose of the Focus Group meetings is to assist the GATE project in the organisation of the Inter-Regional seminars. These are much smaller affairs than the seminars and usually consist of less than a dozen participants, made up of both partners and stakeholders. They may be held in any of the partner regions, although there are definite benefits if they are held in the region that is hosting the next seminar.

During these meetings the content and programme of upcoming seminars is debated and discussed in detail. The organisation and administration of the seminar will also be discussed and finalised. They also give the opportunity for partners and stakeholders to visit the host region to look at the particular issues and opportunities first-hand, prior to the seminar. To achieve this, the host region will organise a day of field visits, similar but not identical to visits intended for the seminar.