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Workshop for students

Estonian Forest Industries Association, Estonian Academy of Arts and GATE Estonian Partner Tartu Science Park Foundation organized this workshop for students who study architecture.

The people who were involved :
Nr Name
1. Jaan Tiidemann / instructor
The students of Estonian Academy of Arts :
2. Alver Ott
3. Arm Anu
4. Elm Maarja
5. Hunt Mari
6. Järving Alvin
7. Kaevats Marten
8. Kerge Riho
9. Poopuu Reedik
10. Põime Anu
11. Rebane Helen
12. Saarva Kaisa
13. Tago Martin
14. Volt Reet

Purpose : Students had the task to build a pavilion. They had free play in choosing the suitable form, size and design solutions for this building.
Length : 10.2 m
Breadth : 2.5 m
Height : 2.5 m

Outcome : The students were very happy and the instructor of the students was very pleased with the result. More innovative architectural solutions make our life more colourful.

GATE project supported the event with wooden raw material and financed it.

Siiri Mutso

GATE Projekt Manager in Estonia
Tartu Science Park Foundation